Bejewell on April 26th, 2017

Dear Ten-Year Old Child: TEN! Ten years! How did this happen? It seems like just last night I was sitting on our little gray IKEA couch, holding my little Bean in my arms, watching you sleep with your little newborn mouth wide open while Stargate SG-1 played on the TV in the dark living room. [...]

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Bejewell on November 6th, 2012

How I felt when the election coverage really started gearing up: How I felt when the Republicans picked Mitt Romney as their candidate: What I see every time I look at Donald Trump: How I feel every time Michele Bachmann opens her mouth to say something: How I felt about all my friends on Facebook [...]

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Bejewell on November 1st, 2012

I just had a really terrible, stupid idea. And then I followed through with it, so now it’s more than just a terrible stupid idea, it’s an actual terrible, stupid thing I did. If you’ve never had a blog you won’t understand how sinister that picture is up there, but trust me when I tell [...]

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Bejewell on November 24th, 2010

So I’m pretty sure the first thing you thought when you woke up this morning was, “Gee, I sure wish there was a way I could see some photos of Beej in her underwear sometime before lunch. That would really make my day complete.” Well, lucky for you, I’m here to make that happen! Because [...]

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Bejewell on June 17th, 2010
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So did you hear?  Michael Jackson died!  I know, right?  Crazy!  And then he broke Twitter!  And then they planned a memorial for him but were afraid he might break Los Angeles, too!  You probably didn’t hear because god knows there hasn’t been enough fucking news coverage of it.  It’s not like stories about hundreds [...]

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You think I’M quirky?  I’ve got NUTHIN on Steph from The Stephord Diaries.  She is THE original Quirky Blogger — it’s in her URL and everything so you know it’s true.  Steph claims to be some kind of super bad ass knitting Jedi. Not many people can pull that off, you know.  She also uses [...]

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Bejewell on November 3rd, 2008

So when I was cruising around Blogland yesterday I noticed that several of my very favorite blog writers have joined this thing called NaBloPoMo, and I was all, “Why’re all these people promoting a bunch of pedophiles?  Sickos!!” but then I realized I was actually thinking of NAMBLA, which stands for Man-Boy-Love, or something, and is totally [...]

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Bejewell on October 26th, 2008

It’s 1988.  I’m 16.  My best friend the Queen Bee and I are dancing.  At the Sanitarium. *** The Sanitarium was a dark, dank, early-days-of-goth club, unmarked and off the beaten path, but close enough to Austin’s famed Sixth Street to get the trickle-down crowd.  The inside of the club was dingy and painted black –I [...]

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