Let me begin this post with the admission that I am not a Fashion Diva in any sense of the word.  I admire expensive clothes and shoes from afar — but I can’t afford to actually buy them, so instead my wardrobe mostly consists of items picked off the racks at Old Navy, Target, New [...]

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Bejewell on May 2nd, 2008

My son the Bean is one now, and I feel that I have spent enough time as a mom to make these lists.  I’m sure they will change with time — maybe tomorrow!  But for now, these are the things I LOVE and things I HATE about being a mom – specifically, the Bean’s mom. [...]

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Bejewell on April 21st, 2008

He falls asleep on the couch.  I continue to do all of my chores… laundry, dishes, cleaning up after Sam… while he sleeps.  Finally, I’m headed for bed, and I gently wake him.  “Are you coming to bed?”  “Armmmgrr,” he mutters.  “I didn’t hear you,” I say.  “YES!” he snaps.  So, okay whatever, I head [...]

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