Bejewell on January 19th, 2009

I’m six, maybe seven, and my dad’s just picked me up from the university’s community pool after a big day of splashing around with my friends. 

Over my bathing suit I wear a green t-shirt with a picture of an apple on it that says “Spoiled Rotten” in sparkly letters.  Dad piles me and my floaties into his sporty little car as I babble excitedly about how much FUN I had and how SILLY boys are and what a GOOD swimmer I am and how much I LOVE the pool!  He laughs as he gets in and starts the car.  When the key turns in the ignition, this song comes on the radio:


My chatter slows and we both listen to the song while my dad’s little car chugs through the narrow campus roads, headed for his tiny apartment.  I look out the window and see a backpacked college girl strolling on the sidewalk; I point her out to my dad and ask if he thinks she’s pretty.  I’ve appointed myself his matchmaker since the split — even at this early age I tend to attack uncomfortable situations and make them even more uncomfortable for everyone involved. 

But my dad’s not uncomfortable.  Instead, he laughs.  So I laugh too.

He segues into some joke about how I can’t date until I’m 30, and I agree without hesitation. 

I’d agree to anything he said.  He’s my dad. 

He laughs again, and I’m proud of myself for making him laugh, even though I’m not really sure what I said that was so funny.

I’m too young to really get it.  I know my parents aren’t together anymore; I’ve seen them fight and I’m smart enough to know it’s for the best.     

But I don’t really GET the permanence of it all.  I don’t get that my dad will soon ship off to god-knows-where on a Navy ship and our relationship will then become one of long distance, destined to stay that way forever.

I just know that right now I’m so happy to be with my daddy, and I love him so much, and he loves me, too.  I can see it on his face, I can feel it in his laugh.  Spoiled rotten or not, I’m the apple of his eye, and I know it to the very depths of my litte six-maybe-seven-year-old soul.

As I giggle, I have no idea that this tiny moment in time will live on in my memory for the rest of my life as one of my happiest and most content. 

I have no idea that one day, about 30 years from now, I will hear this song and be back in this moment, and feel so eternally grateful for the man who has been the best father to me, and grandfather to my son, that I ever could have hoped for.

Happy 65th birthday, Dad.  I love you.


Thank you for ALL the moments, big AND little.  I appreciate every single one of them.


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25 Responses to “Musical Flashback: Reminiscing”

  1. Oh Beej! That my girl was so awesome! That’s all i can say for now, because I can’t stop sitting here crying… Unlike you, I had to endure a horrible divorce between my parents. And it’s one that has probably made me who I am today, not in a good way. But I am glad you were able to remember those special moments. No matter how big or small!

    Janah @ So Not Mom-a-liciouss last blog post..A Thank You Post

  2. That is one beautiful post, you.

    Susans last blog vicariously

  3. Well now I need to completely rethink my Dad’s birthday present. I thought it was perfect until I read this and now it SUCKS thankyouverymuch.

    Happy Birthday to Bean’s Grandpa :)

  4. Oh come ON now — I only get Comment Luv if I use certain key phrases? What!?!

    WaltzInExiles last blog post..Equipoise

  5. what a beautiful tribute to your dad.

    happy birthday to him!

    the planet of janets last blog post..Weekly Winners: January 11-17

  6. Your dad sounds awesome. You’re lucky to have a good guy like that to set the path for you.

    Happy birthday to him!

    foradifferentkindofgirl (FADKOG)s last blog post..dirty deeds done dirt cheap

  7. Happy Birthday to Dad – what a lovely post.

    kailas last blog post..The "egg in my tummy" turns 7 today and he isn’t any bigger

  8. i had several instant thoughts, tried to respond, and forgot to put in my email so those thoughts were taken to never, never ether land.

    Then i cried. Then i showed your post to your other mother. Then she cried.

    It’s okay for her to do that, but my doing so makes me a sentimental, officially old, fool.

    Those thoughts:

    It is amazing that moment thirty years ago is so crystal clear in both of our memories.

    The song after “Reminiscing” was Rod Stewart’s “Do You Think I’m Sexy.”

    We went to Gatti’s Pizza that afternoon.

    You did promise to not date until you were 30, and you broke your promise. You owe me one, but since it brought us the Bean and the Big Bean, i am glad.

    Divorces are never, ever good, but i think your mother and i always made our decisions on what we thought was best for you as the top priority. Looking at you now, and in spite of some very lonely, far away moments, i think we did a pretty good job.

    Sometime around that special moment, i also told you i hoped you would take the strengths of your mother and me and develop them. If you did, i said, you would become a very special, spectacular woman. You did and you have become just that.

    It is really special to get nice birthday greetings from your fellow bloggers, especially for an old fart.

    It is rather incredible for us to have reached this point. You have two beautiful mothers, both on the surface and deep, deep down. Your relationship with your sister warms my heart daily. Sam has an incredible nuclear family…

    And i am one damn lucky, happy, crazy old man.

    Thank you and love,


  9. One of my favorite songs of all time. Seriously – I know all the words and sometimes sing it when no one is around. Extra cheezy singing for “hurry don’t be late – I can hardly wait.”

    Kate Coveny Hoods last blog post..Home Alone: Day Two

  10. This song gives my goosebumps…………..such a sweet post. Happy Birthday to your Dad. Peace, Mike.

    Friday night, it was late
    I was walking you home
    We got down to the gate
    And I was dreaming of the night
    Would it turn out right
    How to tell you girl
    I wanna build my world around you
    Tell you that it’s true
    I wanna make you understand
    I’m talkin’ about a lifetime plan

    That’s the way it began, we were hand in hand
    Glenn Miller’s Band was better than before
    We yelled and screamed for more
    And the Porter tunes “Night and Day”
    Made us dance across the room
    It ended all too soon
    And on the way back home
    I promised you’d never be alone

    Hurry, don’t be late
    I can hardly wait
    I said to myself when we’re old
    We’ll go dancing in the dark
    Walking through the park and reminiscing

    Friday night, it was late
    I was walking you home
    We got down to the gate
    And I was dreaming of the night
    Would it turn out right
    Now as the years roll on
    Each time we hear our favorite song
    The memories come along
    Older times we’re missing
    Spending the hours reminiscing

    Hurry, don’t be late, I can hardly wait
    I said to myself when we’re old
    We’ll go dancing in the dark
    Walking through the park and reminiscing

    Little River Band

  11. What a great tribute. Happy Birthday to the dad of the Beej.

  12. we have the best dad ever.
    love you.

  13. How truly special this is. Happy Birthday Dad!
    share it with him.

    swirl girls last blog post..Friday’s "I Am Five" Foto Finish Fiesta!

  14. How sweet! I have some pretty vivid musical flashbacks myself. It’s weird how a few notes can just send you straight back in time!

  15. this is so sweet

    flutters last blog post..understanding

  16. Wow, everyone’s making me weep tonight. Weap? Your thoughtful post and then your Dad’s response? -sigh- beautiful.

    Ann’s Rantss last blog post..America’s Next Top Daughters

  17. Oh, how sweet. You are blessed to have a great dad. Love that song, too.

    dysfunctional moms last blog post..Dishing on My Bloggy Friends………

  18. Awwww! Happy birthday to your dad. :)

    Stephs last blog post..PotD 01/18/09

  19. What is even more amazing than your post is your Papa’s response. Does he want to adopt me?

    swirl girls last blog post..Only in L.A…?

  20. I’m with Swirl Girl – can he adopt me too please? He sounds lovely. Happy Birthday Papa. Oh, and goodness me, you big softy Beej!

    Barbaras last blog post..20/365 – Current Affairs

  21. You can see in his face that he is a wonderful man.


    And Happy Birthday to yours.

  22. Happy birthday to your daddy.

    Captain Steves last blog post..Colder than a witch’s teat

  23. Happy Birthday!

    What a great memory!

    Cathys last blog post..Oh yes he did.

  24. Beautiful!

    Auds at Barking Mads last blog post..Kidnapping by the Numbers

  25. wow, great post. Lovely images, feelings and the way the story unfolds.

    And the best to your dad – what a bonus to be able to read his comment. He surely does love you.

    gs last blog post..Ancient and not-so-ancient Egypt

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