Bejewell on April 15th, 2009







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15 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday: My Little Bean”

  1. I have one of those,just as cute and gorgeous as yours. I dont want mine to get one more day older. The age he’s at now is so sublime. Dont you just love it when they grab your face and tell you ‘I love you Mummy your sooo beautiful’…And trust me on the not getting a day older crap, cos I also have a 17 year old *shudder*. I dont give a hoot about the tantrums…toddlers are a little bit of heaven.And anyway,when mine has a tantrum,I laugh at him. Ha haha…you got OWNED toddler. Enjoy him while all he is, is cute. :-)

    shellys last blog post..JUST AS I’M THINKING “Hmmm maybe humans aren’t so bad after all” ONE MORE FUCKTARD COMES OUT OF THE WOODWORK

  2. Gah! He’s gorgeous, and morphing into a little boy, isn’t he?! Don’t you love getting those smiles every day? Makes every chaotic moment worth it.

    foradifferentkindofgirl (fadkog)s last blog post..‘if you know what i’m singing about up here come on raise your hand’

  3. Oh he’s SO sweet! Those curls! He looks like you.

    Amy @ Milk Breath & Margaritass last blog post..Oldest

  4. omnomnomnom

    Marias last blog post..“Hey, María…”

  5. Adorable! Absolutely adorable!

    Oh the curls…*sigh*

    Kristines last blog post..It’s an honor to be nominated! But hell yeah, I’d like to win!

  6. What an adorable age? We need audio. I love that stage when they have their own toddler language. Your bean looks like he’ll keep you running.

    RobinJPs last blog post..American Dream: Haulin’ Hummer at the Hoover Dam

  7. He’s so friggin’ cute! All that sweetness…Oiy! My teeth, they ache!

    Seriously, he’s beautiful.

  8. Gosh, he’s growing. Still completely adorable.

  9. Wow, he’s really growing! What a doll. :)

  10. He is so cute! I love his hair!

    Rachaels last blog post..I still hate Wal Mart!

  11. your right, he is too freakin cute!! good grief look at that smile!! they eyes! the wonderful curls!! gonna have to keep your doors bolted when he is a teenager!

    jenns last blog post..SPRING SPECIAL!!!!

  12. love that elmo in the background. love. it.

    jewelss last blog post..Anatomy of a crappy day

  13. Thank you for the most beautiful child I could ever imagine. You two are my entire world

  14. Oh, I was all “how gorgeous” and “damn, my comment has been taken by so many others” and then I read Big Beans comment and now I’m practically crying!

  15. Cute.E.Pie.

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