Bejewell on November 19th, 2009


There’s a lollipop in my hair
There’s a lollipop in my hair
It’s strange how much I do not care
About the lollipop in my hair.

My boy was so happy at first, with his treat
But his body was moving too fast for his feet
And all of a sudden — FALL DOWN! GO BOOM!
For a blip, a dropped pin could be heard in that room

And then the screams started! And tears shed! Oh, my!
The sobs! And the sniffles! The big ugly cry!
His arms wrapped around me and would not let go
And I would not want them to, NO NO NO NO.

But my neck wasn’t all that was clutched by the boy
He also gripped Lolly like a long lost, loved toy
And I didn’t notice the pushes and presses
As he silently nudged it right into my tresses

Now the boy is just fine. See him playing out there?
He’s running and laughing, without one small care
I watch him from up here in my cozy chair
As I cling to a still-sticky handful of hair

Now, there was a day when this might have upset me
I’d have been sad or just let it get me all
Frenzied and Flustered and Crazed and Depressed
But now it just seems so silly to stress

Because now I have this little boy who
might have sticky fingers, but also can do
things like make me feel better when I’m feeling blue
and make my whole life feel just wonderful, too.

I might have to cut it. It might have to go.
It might be uneven. I might need a pro.
But really, it’s hair, and deep down I know
That hair is just hair and back it will grow.

Yes, there’s a lollipop in my hair
There’s a lollipop in my hair
It’s strange how much I do not care
About the lollipop in my hair.


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18 Responses to “Lollipop in My Hair”

  1. OMG!! Poor Bean!

    try Goo Gone for your hair – hopefully it will salvage your tresses.
    Sadly- not the Lollipop.

    and follow me on Twitter – I have entered the ‘zone’

    swirlgirlspearl (no s)

  2. Cute. I love the rhyming and rhythm of these kinds of things. Great story, too. One that I can SO relate to!

  3. I’ve had my kids put a lot of stuff in my hair, but never a lollipop – at least not yet.

    And I’ve been humming this all evening, to the tune of the bubbles song from Gymboree.

  4. I love it. And I have some weird ass poetry on my blog tonight, too.

  5. You did a great Dr. Seuss.
    At least it wasn’t gum. Water didn’t work in getting it out? Well, you can always try peanut butter. It gets gum out, so I’m pretty sure it would get a lollipop out.

  6. Yay! I love rhymes. You are really good at it too. That story is so cute. I love how kids try to run so fast and their feet can’t keep up. It’s so cute.

  7. giggle. Nailed it, as usual!

  8. Too cute!

  9. You can tell Mothers from Childless Women by the way they react to things like lollipops in their hair. Childless Women freak, Mothers write lovely poems about it! Very cute :0

  10. At least it’s not gum, right?

  11. At least it’s sweet.

  12. This is most awesome. (Not the sticky hair thing, the poem.)

  13. I would have cried.

    More than the Bean.


  14. LOL This is a great poem, I could’nt stop laughing. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Thanks for sharing nice poem.

  16. Best. Fucking. Poem. EVAH.


  17. I love this!

  18. This is a great poem. Thanks for sharing!

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