Bejewell on February 22nd, 2010


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24 Responses to “Sometimes a Picture Really Is Worth A Thousand Words”

  1. This picture is worth more than a million words. It’s a couple of novels, a television comedy series, a Broadway play, and a bad musical…okay, a Toni winning musical.

  2. Oh that looks entirely too much like my life these days.

    My boy is home today sick. I knew something was wrong when he didn’t dismantle the living room as soon as he got up.

  3. Big Bean is under there, isn’t he.


  4. Ahhh, yes.

    Wait, why is the laundry on the couch? Were you on your way to the washing machine or on your way back? I’m not being judgey here, just trying to see if I can learn any multi-task-y tips.

  5. at least you have a couch to put your laundry on

  6. Hey that looks like my couch. I have laundry on it that needs to be folded & put away all the time. In fact, there’s some there now & it will probably be there for a couple more days too.

  7. This is simlar to my situation, but mine has piles of laundry on the bed and a little chihuahua that likes to sit on the “hot laundry”.

  8. It’s a PC. I see a PC!!! I hate Michael, too.

  9. Yes, yes it is.

  10. i think *my* laundry room vomited its contents onto *your* couch!

  11. Who gave you the key to my house? How’d you get my laptop to work without the power chord? You didn’t know there was a giant bag of M&Ms hidden in the kitchen, did you? Well lalalalal! Jokes on you!

  12. Oh, so that’s where all the missing socks end up?

    This could be my life on any given day….just replace the little boy with an equal sized little girl.

  13. Totally awesome, looks like my house, but I have two dogs no kid, and I have facial hair, and my look may be a bit more stunned or stoned….

  14. So, I don’t get it. Is there something unusual about this picture? I mean, apart from the fact that you seem to have an amazingly small head?

    Normal things in picture:
    *Couch full of unfolded laundry
    *Kid enjoying everyday objects instead of expensive toys
    *Adult avoiding folding clothes by hiding in Facebook

    Only thing about it that DOES NOT look like our house is the fact that there is a kid in the laundry instead of a dog.

    All in all, looks like a great way to spend time.

  15. WHATEVER – this is AWESOME.

  16. Emma & Sophie's Mom
    February 22nd, 2010 at 11:11 pm

    Although I’ve been regularly creeping your blog lately, I’ve never posted (such a total self conscious wimp I am!), but this photo has inspired me… I too live this particular photo on a daily basis, with the exception of a girl child in place of your boy child… And I just have to say… your head does NOT look abnormally small in this photo :) In fact, it looks normally, uh, normal sized. So, there you go.

  17. i LOVE YOU.



  18. Replace your couch with a bed, and one child with two “helping” and you’ve got my day. :)

  19. I would totally give him a 10 for that half pike.

    Damn Olympics.

  20. absolutely looks like my bed! the couch? oh its covered with baby toys, burp rags, currently a plate, my camera..and im a neat freak! i blame mine on the baby!!

  21. This looks familiar. Minus the child.

    Your head looks a completely normal size here, btw.

  22. Classic!

    I love you even more now.

  23. Did you steal my shirt? If you’re going to steal my stuff….Don’t take pictures of it and post it on the internet. Gee Wiz. Wait? Is that my kid too? Noo…No….Mine is crawling on my couch. Nevermind I found mine.

  24. I can’t stop laughing, and Sophia thinks this picture is hilarious, too!

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