Bejewell on June 1st, 2010

Okay.  I’m going to tell y’all a little secret.

Sometimes I just HATE this fucking blog.

And other times — maybe worse — I just don’t give a shit.

I’ve gone five days now without taking even one tiny peek at my blog stats/traffic, and if you lived with me you would know what a tremendous effort that would normally take for me.  (I’m a little… well… um… obsessive.)

Five days.

Over the past few months, my posts have become fewer and farther between.  I used to post something every two or three days; now I’m down to one post per week, if I’m lucky.

I’m bored.

I’m tired.

I’m bored.

I have a full-time job.  A three-year-old.  A life.  PLENTY of other things to stress and spend time on and obsess about.  And I care too much about this blog to do it half-assed.

A couple of months ago I got super frustrated because I saw other blogging friends being recognized left and right, getting tons of praise and accolades, being asked to do all kinds of cool shit that I’d never even dream of.  I became hyper-sensitive to the fact that some people who used to read my blog don’t anymore.  I got my feelings hurt when people came to town but passed on the opportunity to meet me in real life.  I was pissed at all of them, and at myself, because I knew I was being jealous and petty and insecure and, well, just a big, stupid fucking IDIOT.

I had a talk with myself.  BUCK UP, I said.  Put on your big girl panties, for chrissake.  Write for YOU! I told myself.  Who CARES what anyone else thinks?

But the truth is, I care.

People throw out that “Write for YOU” stuff all the time in the blogosphere and it serves its purpose, I guess — but it’s really just pure, blazing bullshit and we all know it.  If we just wanted to write for ourselves, there would be no such thing as blogging.  We blog for the sense of COMMUNITY it gives us.  For the feedback.  For the give and – yes, admit it – the take. Sometimes for the money. But more often, for the opportunity to have a voice. To be heard.

If those things weren’t such an integral part of blogging, there would be like a zillion more journals and diaries floating around out there, and no “blogosphere” to speak of.

I’ve been lucky to develop relationships with some truly amazing, fantastically talented, obscenely popular bloggers.  And things have started to happen for many of them, as they should.  Some are being recognized as the best bloggers in the country.  Others are now making good money doing incredible, imaginative, useful things.   Many are speaking at conferences or selling books.  And when I see these things happen, I’m genuinely happy for my friends, because they deserve it — and I know it.  They’ve EARNED it.  Hey, look – I’m not a complete asshole.  Of COURSE I appreciate the work and passion and love these amazing people have poured into their writing.  Of COURSE I’m thrilled to see others recognize it, too!  Of COURSE I am!

But I’d be lying if I said there wasn’t a little voice in the back of my head whispering, What about me?

Over the past few months that little voice has gone from a whisper to a shout to a blood-curdling scream.

Now it’s just kind of a sad little whimper.

I think I might be done.

I was a smoker for many years, hopelessly addicted and unable to quit, despite multiple attempts.  Then one day, I was done with it.  I lit a cigarette, took one drag and thought to myself, “Ew. I don’t want to do this anymore.” I snuffed it out and never smoked again.  No pangs, no relapse.  Just… done.

When I read the Twilight series, I blazed through books 1-3 in less than a week.  I got hooked and read and read and read, until I was at the very end.  I was about three quarters of the way through book 4 when I put it down with the intention of coming back to it after dinner.  But I never picked it back up again.  To this day (and much to my Twilight-obsessed BFF’s dismay), I have no idea how the big fight with the Volturri played out.

I was just done.

This blog has been a fantastic (and much needed) creative outlet for me.   I’ve grown as a writer, I’ve gotten funnier and more interesting and definitely more confident in my own abilities.  I’ve lived for your comments, and I have LOVED the relationships I’ve developed in the blogging community.  I’ve had the privilege to meet some truly amazing, wonderfully talented people through my blog, and even more I’ve just gotten to know from afar.  Some people have made lasting impressions on me.  Some of their words will stay with me forever.

Other relationships have come and gone, just the natural progression of things, I guess.  I’ve spent some time being sad about that, but I know it’s just the way things work.  I’ve done it, too – some really wonderful blogs that I used to read all the time have sort of fallen to my wayside — not because I don’t love them, but more because nobody likes to eat steak EVERY DAY.

I don’t know what I’m doing or if I’ll be back.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll wake up with one of those OHMYGOD-why-the-fuck-did-I-DO-that? hangovers and immediately sit down to blog something brilliant, and it’ll be my best post ever, and everyone will freak out over how awesome I am, and they’ll comment and twitter and facebook about it and then it’ll be ME on the news and gabbin’ with Matt Lauer and writing for some amazing publication and getting awards like “BEST. MOTHERFUCKING. BLOGGER. EVER.”

Or, maybe no one will give a shit or even notice that I’m gone.

We’ll see.

I’m thinking this might just be a much-needed break.  Maybe I’ll take a summer vacation.  Maybe I’ll have some surprise guest posters.  Maybe I’ll try something COMPLETELY different, like some kind of bizarre giveaway game, Beej-style.  (I have some ideas.)

Or maybe I’ve just taken my last drag.

Either way, I just want to take this opportunity to say thanks, to all of you, for reading and commenting and saying nice things and sometimes not-so-nice things and for making me think and wonder and feel like I was doing this for a reason.

You? Are fucking awesome.

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50 Responses to “Stick a Fork in Me”

  1. I quit smoking almost 4 months ago. Should’ve quit blogging instead. Would’ve been easier.

    If you do decide to pack it in, you’ll be missed.

  2. After tanking an accidental break from blogging and everything else this weekend, I can sure understand where you’re coming from. Its become such a downer to see what traffic I’ve gotten that I’ve half decided to stop looking at stats. But at the same time, I don’t know where else I would go to stand up on the top of the rock and shout out loud to the world. Blogging seems to be The Place.

    I will say that I find you outrageously funny, smart and meaningful, and if you do decide to take a break or quit altogether, I’ll miss reading you. Really and truly.

  3. taking*

    Not tanking.


  4. Awww, it probably doesn’t help to know that I read, but don’t comment? But you are one FUNNY MOTHER FUCKER and if you disappear from the interwebs it will be a little less awesome.

  5. but it’s really just pure, blazing bullshit and we all know it.

    No, it is not. There are a lot of people who write for themselves and have continued without accolades. I am not trying to break my arm, but I have been doing this for six years.

    Six years of writing because I get a lot out of it, most of which is not contingent upon people. I like comments. I like being recognized, but it is not my driving force. It doesn’t make me continue.

    The only people who last are those who get something out of it. That “something” is different for everyone. If you don’t enjoy this, no reason to continue.

  6. You’re an amazing writer with fabulous wit and talent that just flies out of your butt like it didn’t take any effort. It’s like you have talent diarrhea – no mental cheese has been overindulged by you!

    I’ve been lucky to know you and have the opportunity to be exposed to your work. Even luckier now to count you as a real friend who I get to spend time with occasionally. Speaking of, let’s hang out again sometime soon. Maybe I can get you drunk and stick things other than a fork in you?


  7. Even though I mostly lurk, I would definitely miss your blog if you quit. But I also understand the impulse and feelings all too well.

    And we really do need to meet in person. Maybe you and Lotus could let me tag along some time. I’d like to meet her, too.

  8. Walk away for a bit. See if that helps. I did and it did. I thought I might be done, but then I realized I was still composing posts in my head. So I came back, thus relieving many in my life who were tired of listening to me talk to myself.

    I always used to believe that the cream rose to the top. But now? After having observed this world up close for three years now? I don’t think it always does. I also think that how one achieves success in blogging has very little to do with writing and a lot to do with positioning and giveaways and, oh, I don’t know, voodoo dolls. I can’t explain it. I don’t think anyone can.

    I know you didn’t write this in order to receive pats on the head, but I’m going to give you one anyway. You are very funny and very talented and, yes, you have gotten better and better. So, for my sake, I hope you aren’t done. But if you are, know that you have thoroughly entertained me through the years and I thank you for the ride. (Not that kind of ride.) (Although…)

  9. Love it.

    I am the same way. One day (over 4 years ago) I was done with smoking too. People don’t believe me when I tell them, I don’t even remember what smoking was like.

    I think that a lot of the blog blues that you (and others-self included)are feeling, might be SUMMER. I am so flippin’ busy right now I can’t make time to do a few simple tasks…

    I hope you change your mind, but I understand if you don’t!

  10. Aside from that whole reading the ‘Twilight’ books business, I feel like copying this post and putting it up on my blog. After nearly four years, I’m feeling more and more like I want to just walk away. I mean, how many times and how many different ways, can one say what ends up being, essentially, something that’s been said before, if not by us, by someone else (who had the audacity to say it better!)(heh…)

    So, long story short, I COMPLETELY understand and hope you end up doing what you want to do without guilt or whatever else comes with possibly quitting. Because I sort of kind of want to do the same thing…and maybe figure out how to be happy again.

    p.s. – I’d have to come up with something other than smoking to make a similar analogy, too. Donuts. I used to eat a ton of donuts. That should do.

  11. I wish I was addicted to something so I could take a break from it.

    If you do go, I’ll miss you. (By the way, are you quitting–sorry…not quitting, “taking a break”–because I’m stalking your blog? It’s me, isn’t it?) I’ll keep you on my favorites list in case you do come back. (Of course that might scare you for good. Hmmm.)

    I write for the accolades, myself. I write for the comments and acknowledgement. I’ll admit, I’m a complete comment whore. But I like the community too. If I wrote for JUST me… well, I wouldn’t write. I don’t like to write. I like to take pictures. I hate to communicate, honestly, except that I know I have to, so I try to practice it once in a while. Ah well.

  12. Come back, Beej! We love yoooou! *flails*

    But if you’re really done, then at least stay on Twitter. Pretty please?

  13. I tried to comment earlier. On my phone. Fucking phone.

    Man, I wish I could quit like that. I got the urge to set it aside a while back, and I didn’t smoke for two weeks. But the butt kept knocking . . .

    As far as the blog thing goes? I wonder if it isn’t just the summer. Traffic seems to be at an all-time low, even though I’m doing nothing different. That, or people are just FB’ing and Tweeting more, and it all gets lost.

    I know that I haven’t done my part. Lately, I seem to visit the blogs I love only sporadically. So busy. And then I lament when no one stops by my own. There seems to be a quid pro quo thing going around.

    My apologies, my friend, for neglecting you. You’ve been here for me, with your snark, wit, and occasional tenderness. I owe you more than a comment on your final (?) post . . .

    Thank you.

  14. You have never met me, but I am a friend of a friend who read one post and immediately bookmarked this page. This is why I vote you keep at it, even if you need to take a little break:

    I’ve been having a shit time at work lately, just absolute busy on top of busy on top of more stuff to do. One morning I woke up anticipating yet another day of avalanche and dreading it. Then I read the thing about the Facebook stalker stabbing thing, and I burst out laughing.

    Then I read it three more times!

    It was a little easier to go to work that day, and I thank you for that. I check this page every day knowing that there will always be something I’ll love on it. You may not have the biggest audience in the world, but you are appreciated enough for two audiences by the ones who are here! Take a break, but please don’t stop! This is quality stuff!

  15. I think these cycles are normal: we fall in, fall in love, get addicted, get overwhelmed, back off, question everything, take a break, wonder why we’re taking a break, tip-toe back in, accidentally fall… and then it starts over. I think you have to do what feels most right for you (though, surely, you will be missed). One thing I have discovered, though, as I’ve ridden the roller coaster of unknown to slightly well known to practically unknown again (not exactly encouraging in the Annals of Fame department, I know) is that the writing either matters to you or it doesn’t. If the writing does, you’ll continue. If it’s really primarily about the community and connection, you can find that other ways. Good luck! I hope you find what makes you happy. And I hope you don’t just completely disappear.

  16. I was where you are about a year ago. I almost quit a couple of times. I still might, so yeah, I get it.

  17. Beej, I for one will really miss it if you take a break, but I’d also totally understand if you needed one. I don’t often comment but I do read you. And as a result, all I can say is… about that fork… um, would that be an Ikea fork I’m sticking you with? ;)

    Seriously… don’t go away. Take a break for sure, but come back. Your voice would be missed and I’m sure that there are many that read you but don’t ever step up to the mike to comment on it.



  18. I think you could do whatever you want. You are an amazing writer. I think it is a matter of priorities.

    Take me, for instance(I learned to talk about myself more because of you), I think I could be an amazing photographer, but it isn’t precisely where my heart is. I love teaching, I love doing jobs around the house for my wife, I enjoy reading, and watching tv, and drinking. I enjoy sleeping in and I like staying at home and I really enjoy cooking and eating and making fun of the children that I teach. If I were truly ready to become the be-all end-all photographer (Take that Ansel Adams, Edward Weston, and Anne Fucking Geddes [I stuck that last one in for fun, I don't think she belongs with the classics]), I could put the wife on the back burner, drop teaching, and give up eating for a time and move to a big city and cry and whine and and save every last dime for a big-ass camera and…well, I really like being lazy, and not pushing myself. I make some decent pictures with my lowly Canon P&S.

    You, Darling, have a wonderful kid, a husband(don’t forget the wine he brings home!), a job, and a cutting sense of the ridiculous. I love your blog. It makes me happy. I understand if you do, but hope you will not simply drop it. Just write when you feel like it. If you don’t, fine. If you do…well, I will be waiting with baited breath…or is that bated breath (I always thought really good fishermen must be masterbaters)? You rock! Cheers!



    That’s how often I think about hitting the delete button for my own blog.

    You are so not alone, Beej. So not alone.

  20. Selfishly, I would love it if you stay. But, I totally get where you’re coming from. It *is* hard to see some stars keep rising (especially the ones with little talent, wit or writing skills) and wonder why. Good writing always stands out though and yous is top notch. I think a lot of people go through this. I do at least once a month. Sometimes a break is exactly what the doctor ordered. Enjoy your Beans and hopefully we’ll see you on the flip side.

  21. Try living in Australia… we get TOTALLY ignored.

    That is why we drink.

    {seriously, have a look around babe, comments are down all around the place. I totally thought it was me and just closed the macbook a couple of times and didn’t come back for a week or whatever until I got over myself. Sure, last year I was averaging 60 comments per post and being linked to all over the shop but you know what? NOTHING compares to the morning weeks after I started when I woke to find my latest post had 5 comments. FIVE. I still remember smiling while brushing my teeth and getting ready for work. We ALL need to go back to the fresh flush of new blogging. If you don’t come back I will be sad, but I will totally understand}

  22. I bet if you take a break (even if it’s just for the summer), you’ll come back a more refreshed writer…

    I’m funny as shit and only about 10% of my “followers” actually comment…fuck em, right? Haha…nope…love em anyway…

    We’ll miss you if you go, but you have a legacy of stories somewhere in the “blogosphere.” I hate that word BTW.

  23. I quit looking at stats after my first year of blogging. It was going to take way too much effort and extraneous activity (ref: Alias Mother-Voodoo dolls) to build anything, and to what end? I figured I gain my self esteem elsewhere. Yeah I love the community and yeah I love the comments but mostly I just wanted to keep friends and family in touch with my far from ordinary life. And if they got a laugh out of it at my expense? Well that was ok too.

    As for you? I’m with Jimh. I love your ‘cutting sense of the ridiculous’. I’m going to slap you about a bit and say ‘Hey! Stop thinking about why you do it and ‘oh poor you you only have 39 comments instead of 139…’ and think instead of the 39 of us who get such a kick out of your wicked observations. By all means, don’t post if you don’t feel like it; but if you do/b> see something you think we might all appreciate, give us a break and tell us about it, eh?

    I for one will be waiting to hear.

  24. Ah fuck. Buggered up the html. That’s what comes of too many glasses of sav blanc after dinner!

  25. so… I just jumped over from another site. never been here, but had to comment. I don’t blog… I can’t get it together enough to do it, with the 4 year old and the full time job and the 18 month old and the husband who works 90 hours a week and the house that is falling apart… and the facebook games and the emotional baggage- I just can’t get it together enough to blog. But I feel envious of ALL of you who do. Of course- the cool, popular ones who go to conferences and get awards and go to girl’s night out and get free stuff, but also the rest, too. Anyone who has it together enough to blog- to coherently, or not-so coherently connect with yourself enough to get it out there… and then connect with others. I admire you, whether you hang it up or not.

  26. I just found you (Shamu—)—and then NOTHING!!!!!! Until today

    I want you to know that during your absence, I checked back every day—does that make you feel better???? Doesn’t matter ’cause I’ll continue to check back every day until you crack me up once again.

    with love

  27. Sorry to hear this. I hope you decided to come back!

  28. very insightful comments–and a good turn out, no? :)

    just remember: it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. shit, i haven’t written a blog in…i don’t know, but it’s been a long time. you can walk away for a while, you can come back.

    i’m sorry that you place so much importance on how many people read it and what they think. for me, blogging is getting my ideas out of my friggin head to make room so that maybe i can remember my grocery list. and to pick up my kids from daycare.

    i love your perspective and your comfortable, accessible style of writing. if you drag The Bean down, i’m sure the universe will open up different opportunities to activate your creative spirit.

    because it’s not about how many comments or badges or blogger-cons you attend. it’s about settling into who you are and finding an outlet to accept yourself (as a writer, a comedian, a bad-ass mother fucker and a 5′tall married chick w/ an inordinately cute little boy).

    acceptance is what we’re all looking for honey. one way or another. so : let me be clear. i accept you. i mean, pretty much. well, sometimes i don’t. okay: usually, i accept you. depends on the day, i guess. i should’ve never started this. …

    i love you beej. if there was a super-blogger mutha fuckin most awesome badge award: i’d give it to you. then maybe you’d feel happy.

    but then again, when you’re done. you’re done. maybe a contest as to where you should stick the fork? assuming you guys found your forks, that is…

  29. I hear you and understand where you’re coming from. When it’s not fun anymore, or something you genuinely care about, it becomes a chore and we all know, those aren’t fun…unless your Mary Poppins or Mrs. Brady!

    I don’t need to fawn all over you or plaster you with accolades or words of affection. You know where you stand in my book and how fucking awesome I think you are.

  30. Well, this sucks. Why do the wrong people quit? Get it, though, hope stepping back helps.

  31. it’s YOUR blog and you need to do with it what YOU want, regardless of others. i hope you’ll be back one day, if it makes you happy. good luck!

  32. I stumbled across your blog a few months ago because of Funny Not Slutty. After visiting your blog I realized that the funniest thing I had read on FNS was also by you. I spent the next few days reading all of your past blogs and really enjoying them. By the time i got caught up to speed I was checking your blog daily for new posts and eventually realized it was an approximate once a week thing. I can live with that anticipation however frustrating. now that I’m hooked you may be gone forever. I find that thought very sad. A break perhaps, but quit all together . . . NEVER. Smoking is bad, blogs can be good, and yours is/was whether you got the recognition you deserved or not. Be that musician that says if a song of mine changes one life I’d be happy, but also DO WHAT YOU WANT!

  33. I haven’t looked at my traffic or stats but maybe twice in three months. I just can’t make myself care about them anymore.

    Also? I never made it past page 284 in the first Twilight book. Like, I don’t even know who Jacob is. Clearly I am awesome.

    You know, my blog is just there when I want it to be. And that’s fine for now.

    Now, goddamn it, let’s sing some fucking Beattles or The Byrds together or something.

  34. i was pretty sure my virtual farm was going to implode my world if i didn’t tend to it everyday. i realized my children had lost a few pounds and things were growing out of my trashcan and finally walked away. you’ll figure it out…certain things become more important at different times. also i went ahead and read a summary of book 4 online just so if i didn’t make it to book 4 at least i could bitch about the storyline ;oP
    at least i know you in person…

  35. Bummer….I can honestly say I will miss reading this….once I knew your site existed, I think I spent 2 nearly full days blowing off work and reading your past blogs…my cubicle mates wondered what the hell I was snickering about??!! You have such a wonderful way of saying things that many of us only think about, or have never thought about until you so clearly identify it!

    While I understand your need to walk away, I too hope it’s just a temporary thing…and keep in mind you can always just wait for the movie to find out how Book 4 ends! Had some of us “non bloggers” known that there were stats and such, maybe we’d have commented more, just so you’d have known how much you made our day…sorry….I will keep checking back for you…

  36. Okay, let me just say this. There are several sites that I absolutely MUST CHECK at least once a week — usually on Thursday evenings. Yours is one of them. (I was the one doing all the catch-up a few months ago in East Peoria. :P ) I do understand the need to step back once in a while. I’m doing a crapload of promotional stuff for the latest book, and sometimes I just want to chuck it all in a bin and sit and read someone else’s book, or work in my garden and totally blow off the next book signing. (I’m even getting a bit tired of typing those words, “book signing”.) I do understand, really I do. But I want you to know that I hugely enjoy your blog, especially the snarky bits, and ESPECIALLY the parts where you start off being all rude and blustery and suddenly turn oh-so-tender, like the post in which you told us about your friend’s boob job. And told us the reason WHY she got one.

    If you must take a few weeks, or a few months, off, by all means, do so. We’ll be here waiting for you. :) I’ll be checking back every Thursday.

  37. Jesus, oh Jesus, I am going to have a panic attack.

    Take a hiatus. Shake it off. You don’t have to post every single day. I’d really like to see you give yourself some real distance before you decide to pull the plug.

    And I’m not even kidding, I was SO looking forward to this year’s ornament exchange post.

  38. And something else?

    The whole writing for self thing is NOT utter bullshit with everyone. When I fired up the ole Blogger-powered voyeurnal eleven years ago, there absolutely was not one soul watching/listening/reading save for me.

    At least until, four months in, some random dude from Belgium e-mailed me and said, “I love what you are doing, I’ve been following it for a few weeks now.” Then it was me and some guy from Belgium and I didn’t give a shit, because to my way of thinking, I didn’t give a shit before that e-mail. I just kept doing my do. I’ve been doing my do online for almost twelve years now. There have been protracted periods of silence while my emotional and creative energies went elsewhere. There have been days where three posts went up. I’ve learned, primarily, in that time to follow my flow and not beat myself up.

    Now then, that said….I totally get where you are coming from when you say that it frustrates you to see people who have the talent of a turd gripping a pencil getting accolades. I feel this way, too, but I’ll go you one further: I get infuriated about people that do it on the backs of others (WHILE being talentless, graceless hacks) and the clique mentality that pervades this medium that I used to find so unfettered and joyful.

    You know I don’t bullshit, so I’ll tell you flat-out: You have talent with a pen and you have the gift of funny. Both are pretty effortless for you overall. Don’t piss on that or undermine it by dismissing it. You are an awesome lady and I hate that you are leaving the buoyancy of your self-esteem in the hands of people that don’t give too much of a shit about others overall (remember that sentence?).

    If you quit, quit because you’re over it and ready to be done, like your above illustrations. But don’t you dare quit because the Fuckers are getting to fly first class while you’re driving cross-country. There are many more adventures to be had on the ground; that’s where the real stories are, mama.



    Ok, I hear ya, but…

    Don’t stop. Take a break, whatever, but I’d be super sad if you left and you don’t really want that on your conscience, do you??


  40. i think we hit the wall together.

    i have not looked at your blog or anything other than work related web stuff for almost two weeks. Inexcusable, as i love your stuff, NOT because you are my daughter, but because you are a brilliant, unafraid, creative, and very, very funny writer.

    You just may have reached the wonderful world of one Jewell theory: “If you reach the point you don’t give a shit, good things will happen.”

    It comes from my golf. When i have a really bad hole and reach the green in six or seven strokes, i can walk up to the ball and casually sink an impossible double break, 45-foot putt because i don’t give a shit whether i make it or not.

    In my business, everything went south all at once. i was ready to pack it in, retire, move to someplace other than my beloved San Diego. i no longer gave a shit. Immediately, the one business pursuit i really enjoyed had a major turnaround and now has a good chance of actually reaching a paying fruition. This is really cool and it’s all because i no longer gave a shit.

    As for writing for yourself and the protests your comment has illicited, if we are truly writing for ourselves, then we would never publish it anywhere. i loved my writing for the fifty years i’ve been writing whether it’s published or not. But i want others to read it and like it, or at least think about it. i’ve never written a diary. That would be for myself.

    So the pleasure we get (or don’t get when it looks as if no one is reading it or we are not rewarded as we think we should be) is because we are writing for someone else.

    i still don’t know why i write. It is a drive of some mystery i have passed on to you it appears. Fortunately, you are better at it than me, and i believe it will eventually lead you to that nirvana where you are doing what you love to do and getting richly rewarded, monetarily and otherwise.

    i am not a good blogger, perhaps because i am old, but you are a great blogger and many of your followers are great bloggers (i have visited their sites and read their blogs) and they know better than i that you are a great blogger.

    But blogging should be a passion, an enjoyable pursuit, unless you turn it into a real income stream, i.e. a job. Do as you wish on continuing, taking a summer break, or stopping altogether.

    But don’t ever, ever stop writing. You are too good for that and it is obviously a passion for you. The world will eventually thank you.

    You are that good.

  41. oh yeh, i don’t know what JD will do. He and his work companions read your blog all the time.

  42. Awww, hugs.
    (I’m a faithful reader!)

  43. you’re hot shit and clever and i DGAF what everyone else thinks. you’re a bad ass mother fucking blogger. you’re such a BAMF that you’re UNDERGROUND. you fly right past those stupid mommy blogs with your fart jokes and booger remarks. do what makes you feel good. either way, i’m behind you. not literally. figuratively. because that would be gross.

  44. Hmmm, i have two very demure, chaste, and prim daughters. Okay, i lied. But they both are beautiful.

  45. Just when I decided that my (almost two month hiatus) was over – you up and take off on me. I feel like a newbie all over again…please come back and visit sometime!


  46. I’m PISSED. With myself, duh. I haven’t been checking blogs much lately, my feeds have been much neglected because I’ve actually gone out and done things socially (FAIL), and now I’ve missed the fact that you’ve stopped blogging?!

    I will genuinely get down on my knees and beg for you to write again. No lies.

  47. I’m hella disappointed, for one. I haven’t been “allowed” to web-surf at work, and look at what I missed?! MOTHERFUCKER!! You make my days on the days where there are new posts, justsoyaknow. Don’t go away…you are a treasure/bitch/comedian all rolled into one awesome package. My advice is different. Don’t write for you. Where’s the fun in that? You’re a loser if you sit there and pour THAT much energy into making yourself laugh. That’s dumbass. Write for me, because I, for one, desperately need it in my suck-ass life. Loves ya. Fo’ reals.

  48. OK. so I lose serious points here commenting a month and two days after you posted this, but the point is that even though you posted it a month and two days ago…I still read it and that should gain at least half of my points back that were taken away by not responding sooner.

    If you are keeping score.

    I think we all go through something like this. It totally sucks that I don’t decide who is popular. It would be better for you. It would be better for me. It sucked in high school too. Anyway, the thing is the blog is here for you, not you for the blog. Wow. That was completely brilliant. I might go be a motivational speaker now.

    You write. I read it cuz it is funny and different…I just might be a little tardy.

  49. Oh, lady. I’m with you. And I get it. And, I know. I know.

    If nothing else? Just finish that fucking last book, will you please? And don’t stop writing, or I will cut you, bitch.

    Heh. xox

  50. You are so talented. So so so so so funny. And I happen to ADORE these bean comics you’re doing over the summer.

    Girl? We all relate. And how.



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