Bejewell on July 12th, 2010

My friend and also a person I enjoy stalking both electronically and in person Lotus over at Sarcastic Mom does this totally weird slightly pervy super cool thing every year on her blog, where she gets a bunch of people to flaunt scare people with show off their boobs.  I wasn’t going to do it, but the last time I showed my boobs to random strangers it was an accident and I see this as a chance to redeem myself I’m always looking for new ways to compare myself to other women and feel inferior it’s for charity, yo.  So yep, I’m in there.   (To be perfectly honest, I kind of love my photo, as well as all the others and, for the moment anyway, I’m feeling pretty good about myself AND my girls.)

Do Susan G. Komen a favor and click on over, would ya?  Lotus is donating all of her July ad revenue to the foundation, and that’s calculated by page loads, folks.   So vote early and often, and send your friends.  Give boobs a chance.

(First commenter here to guess correctly which ones are mine wins a prize, by the way.)

Peace, love and healthy boobs, bitches.

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9 Responses to “Summer Break: BEWB FEST ’10 Edition”

  1. I totally picked the best ones, but apparently I am not picking for the right reasons. The ones that were almost definitely naked seem to have the most votes. I went for the artfully done ones…oh, well. Yours were obviously the best ones there. DUH! So, I pick that one.

  2. #35. Hands down, that’s you.

  3. 9, 24, or 42?

  4. really? you done brought sexy back (with the help of the Big Bean or the gardener?)

  5. 34.

  6. DING DING DING! We have a winner! I’m 34. You know, the one with the man hands. Now GO VOTE, BITCHES

  7. my guess was #2

  8. Dear 8lb 6oz. baby Jesus… Thank you for BEWBS…

    Big Beans last blog post..rnrn403 ForbiddenrnrnForbiddenrnYou don’t have permission to access /commentluvinc/remoteCL5.php?type=single&url=http://none&encode=UTF-8rnon this server.

  9. I guessed right? When I originally went over there I thought maybe #34. Seriously? I never guess right. Ever.

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