Bejewell on August 25th, 2010

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17 Responses to “Dear Midget Friend: I Hope You’re Happy”

  1. Can we talk to the guy that has Albino Repellent? There could be a market for that and I would like to get in on the ground floor.

  2. Wow. The things People search wow getting to your blog. Haha that’s freaking awesome… and weird. But awesome. :)

  3. Does this mean you’ve found your niche market?

  4. wow, I did not even think to go that direction.

  5. I like how the Midget dick search came right before the one for Whale Vaginas…isn’t that going from one extreme to another?

    And the wife beat me, bummer.

  6. Albino repellent?

  7. That’s. So. Funny.

  8. I’m just shocked the inquirer had access to a computer.

  9. Are you making fun of your father?

  10. Make a dildo helmet? Wasn’t that the title of a recent Etsy workshop? Those crazy handicrafters.

  11. i am amazed every day that i know you…

  12. Yup, dildo helmet was my top choice too.

  13. Wiener dog ass face? Who ARE these people?!

  14. LOL!

  15. I love looking at what search terms send people to me, but I have to admit yours is much more entertaining. I’m a big fan of “wiener dog ass face” myself.

  16. Nice post. The info presented here was the greatest I could find all day lengthy, and I have been searching tough on the Internet. I believe you ought to put this up on a big social bookmarking site, you will find that it spreads like wildfire – Cheers – dave

  17. Oh boy! People seems to know know their surfing and searching activities on the net is not secret…

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