Bejewell on June 27th, 2012

Since we first met, we’ve been best of friends
Held hands and each other’s hair, time and again
We’ve stood, strong and tall, through thick and through thin, and
We’re on our periods together.

Our husbands and children, all like family, too
They love, laugh and bicker just like we used to, but
When Auntie Flo comes they don’t know what to do
‘Cause we’re on our periods together.

Anniversaries, birthdays and family vacations
We all think of life as one big celebration
But our kids fear the reaper; our husbands, castration
When we‘re on our periods together.

I’ve heard it’s moon cycles that cause us to sync
A ribbon that ties us, smooth, satin and pink
Sisters held close by an invisible link
As we’re on our periods together.

For three days or so, we lock ourselves away
We eat sweets, watch Lifetime shows, cry and crochet
If anyone lets us out, there’s hell to pay
‘Cause we’re on our periods together.

Now the warning is out, Big Brother has spoken
From San Fran to Dayton, L.A. to Hoboken
Hide kids, pets and anything you don’t want broken
We’re on our periods together.

Next week you’ll be safe, you can come out from hiding
The mood swings will end, cramps should be subsiding
But start prepping now, for next month’s moon rising…
When we’ll be on our periods together.

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2 Responses to “On Our Periods Together”

  1. That’s so flippin’ hysterical!! LOVE it!

  2. Poor, poor Jason.

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