Bejewell on November 6th, 2012

How I felt when the election coverage really started gearing up:

How I felt when the Republicans picked Mitt Romney as their candidate:

What I see every time I look at Donald Trump:

How I feel every time Michele Bachmann opens her mouth to say something:

How I felt about all my friends on Facebook BEFORE the election posts started:

How I felt about them AFTER the election posts started:

How I felt about Todd Akin’s rape remarks:

How I felt every time I read a post from someone suggesting that people in my political party are baby haters, family haters, country haters, god haters or some combination thereof:

How I felt watching the election returns:

How I imagine Todd Akin felt:

What I will look like next time I’m in Washington or Colorado:

What everyone at Romney headquarters looked like at the beginning of the night:

What everyone at Romney headquarters looked like by the end of the night:

How I felt during Obama’s acceptance speech:

How I hope we can all feel, now that it’s finally over:

Here’s to the next four years. Let’s make it work, y’all.


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40 Responses to “My Feelings About Election 2012, In Cat Pictures”

  1. “Like”.

  2. Classic! :) Thanks for making me laugh.

  3. Heck, I’d just be happy if we can go two days without hearing about the candidates for 2016.

  4. Love your post! Are some of those cats your?

  5. I LOVED LOVED LOVED your post and pictures (even if we were on the opposite side)…it was funny!

  6. love this. Hysterical.

  7. Todd Aiken might be my favorite. Never thought I’d say that.

  8. Funny. Perfect.

    Of course, the last one is the the most important.

  9. LOL! Superlike!!

  10. Thank you for the catty gift.

  11. That was so darn cute!

  12. Bejewell

    hope you get some hits through my Pinterest account, just had to share your cat photo election review… love it, made me smile.

  13. Absolute LOVE. I need to do this with my pugs. Except, you know, they only have one expression.

  14. Totally made me laugh!!

  15. Awesome!! And you and the family are welcome in Washington anytime! Especially Sam.

  16. Love it! Absolutely perfect.

  17. ’bout perfect!

  18. I’m a friend of your dad’s. Loved the cat pictures and the sentiments. Even though I’m a Christian conservatives, I felt and looked the same as the cat when I heard GOP nominated Romney.

  19. This is hilarious. I never thought cats could adequately express my feelings about politics, but I see now that I was so, so wrong.

  20. If I didn’t already have a blog crush on you I’d be crushing HARD right now. High fives for the best political coverage I’ve seen all season, and which I can share with my daughters. I’ll just have to tell them the Colorado cat is on an inhaler.

  21. that’s awesome!

  22. Michele Bachmann kitty is spot on! And pretty damn handy for Ann Coulter or Sarah Palin. Dr. Phil too.

  23. I needed a good laugh…Thanks. You made my day, maybe the whole week.

  24. This is the best political commentary, EVER. Thank you!

  25. Brilliant. And I don’t even like cats.

  26. Damn clever! Love cats, love you!

  27. Just purrfect. And hilarious.

  28. Really really cute!

  29. Where is the picture of all the dead Kitties to represent all the dead women that were blown up and continue to be murderEd by Obama’s ?

  30. Drones

  31. Ann Sesco: Beej normally doesn’t let me comment on her posts but….
    If I’m not mistaken, it was George Bush who started the wars, not President Obama. Get over it and find a sense of humor about a wonderful, witty, kind and appropriate post.

  32. I have visited this at least 15 times already so I can enjoy a good laugh. Gets me every time! Thank you.

  33. I love all of these kitty pictures and want to buy them the eBay and the Amazon!!

  34. Very cute…. and I totally agree.

  35. Tears of laughter are still streaming down my cheeks. Thank you for the much needed laugh ~

  36. love the pics, especially the last one – can I share just that one??? how ???

  37. I love it.

    The only thing that could have possibly made it better is if you’d somehow managed to take all of those photos yourself.

    I can picture it. (You talking to cats) “Okay, now show me how you felt when your friend on facebook said…..”

  38. Awesome. To make this better, a superior species named Ann Sesco has made an appearance. It must be so wonderful to be her.

  39. Wow, Beej. Can’t believe I missed this. No wonder it went viral! It’s hilarious, just like you! Xo


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