Bejewell on May 23rd, 2013

There’s a cramp in my left leg
And a sharp pain in my neck
When I get up in the morning
I’ll still feel both, I suspect

There’s a leg wrapped ‘round my belly
Slightly shorter than my own
An elbow jabs and pokes and stabs
Between my shoulder bones

A smallish hand is draped across
Three quarters of my face
The rest of me clings tightly
To my four inches of space

I can’t reach my blinking clock
The light disturbs my eyes
There’s a dog’s wet nose against my toes
And a cat between my thighs

A large man’s body spreads out wide
He takes up half the bed
The rest of us are left to squeeze
In tight from toe to head

The snoring’s done in tandem
It rattles through my brain
I swear that the cacophony
Could drown out a passing train

I lie here in the dark and know
No sleep will come tonight
We’re stuffed and jammed and crushed and crammed –
But still, I know it’s right

My baby snuggles in and his
Embrace makes my heart swell
So I stay — crammed, happy and
Uncomfortable as hell.

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2 Responses to “Not Sleeping”

  1. Good to hear from you Beej…and to see your creative juices are still cookin’ and your life/bed still full of love.

  2. been there but the kid is gone, the dog is dead, and Grandma Mo locks the cats out of the bedroom at night.

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