Bejewell on May 25th, 2013

You want to merge?
Why yes, of course.
Here, let me just ease back.

Why don’t you merge?
Can you not see
There’s room now on the track?

Okay, I guess
You’ve changed your mind
And want to come in
from behind

So I speed up
But then you do, too
And CUT in the goddamned line.

I have to slam
Upon my brakes
So hard my coffee flies

Now my car’s a mess
And I am planning
Your demise.

I honk, but you
Do not respond
My temper starts to burn

I honk again
Because if not,
However will you learn?

But still there’s
No response from you
I shake my fist
In beats of two
Awful words
From my lips spew
I just don’t know
What else to do

What happens next,
I can’t believe
Is what I really see…

As if our roles
Have been reversed,


flip the bird


I feel my pulse begin to race
I fight the urge to quicken pace
Engaging in a high-speed chase
So I can punch you in the face

But I know I’d get
In trouble, so
I fight the blinding urge

But really,


It’s time

for you




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2 Responses to “Learn to Merge”

  1. Amen sister!!!

  2. In California, they just shoot you.

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