Bejewell on August 23rd, 2013

Perky Mom’s so friendly
Perky Mom’s so cool
Perky Mom’s at soccer practice
Perky Mom’s at school

Perky Mom is cute
Perky Mom is thin
Perky Mom has not a single
Wrinkle on her skin

Perky Mom gives high fives
Perky Mom cheers the team
Perky Mom is every horny
Perky Dad’s wet dream

Perky Mom is perfect
Perky Mom is tops
I want to squeeze Perky Mom’s
Perfect head until it pops.

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4 Responses to “Perky Mom”

  1. Perky mom mills her own wheat
    Perky mom has size 6 feet
    Perky mom’s bandana’d black lab is always with her and her perky kids
    Perky mom makes unperky mom’s like me want to flip their lids.

    (nice to see you!)

  2. Perky mom should probably look twice before she steps off the curb.

  3. I love your poems.

    And I hate perky mom.

  4. Don’t worry. Perky mom will be the revered as the most hateful mother-in-law. Perky morphs. It’s a yin yang thing.

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