Bejewell on October 10th, 2013

1. Waste of Time Haiku

Instead of meeting

I could be doing the things

We’re meeting about

2. Nodding Head Haiku

It looks like I care

About what you are saying

Really not so much

3. Happy Co-Worker Haiku

Please shut the hell up

Your cheerful ass-kissiness

Is annoying me

4. Stomach Growling Haiku

I’m not listening

Instead I am wondering

How long until lunch

5. New Ways to Be Productive Haiku

While you were wasting

My time in this lame meeting

I wrote five haikus

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3 Responses to “Meeting Haiku: A Series”

  1. You rule, BJ.

  2. Awesome. If only your talent could be turned to saving the planet.

  3. This is completely brilliant. I love it.

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