Bejewell on December 9th, 2013

You drop your clothes onto the floor
right next to the hamper
And off you go, although you know
I’m not a happy camper

You bug me when you know I’m stressed
and under the deadline gun
You start projects ‘round the house
and leave them halfway done

You’re terrible at giving comfort
when I’m sick or sad
You criticize and supervise
and yell when you get mad

You make me crazy
You’re way too lazy
You act too proud
You snore too loud
You’re rude and abrupt
You interrupt
You’re harsh and gruff
You say mean stuff


You’re also super cute
with a smile I can’t forget
And you’ve been crazy sexy
since the first day that we met

You never get embarrassed
and, I have to say,
for all your failings, you still make me
snort-laugh every day

You say things that are tasteless
and your jokes are way too gross
But your sick mind is what I find
I really love the most

You can find your way around
any mess you’re in
And you’ve stuck with me through years
of thick and very thin

Best of all, it’s clear that you
adore our little boy
Watching you just be his dad
brings my life such joy

And so, because I love you,
and am grateful for all you give,
I’ve decided that (at least for now)…

I’m going to let you live.


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One Response to “The Husband”

  1. Sounds just like him…although i wouldn’t know about the “sexy” stuff. Love it.

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