Bejewell on March 14th, 2014

Today is National Pi Day. Pi is a really really long number that has something to with circles. It’s important for a lot of big reasons that a lot of very smart people understand. On Pi Day they get super excited and talk about it a lot.

And that’s everything I know about Pi.

In celebration of this day that is very important for many reasons that I don’t understand and never will and don’t want to, I will now share with you an excerpt from my award-winning*, best-selling**, top-reviewed*** book Something Smells Like Pee (and Other Classy Observations) , which is currently on sale in both paperback and e-book formats on

I hope you enjoy it.


* Proud winner of the Best Book Written By Anyone in My House Award, given by me

** Currently ranked #1 in sales on the list of Books Written About Things that Smell Like Pee (children’s books, animal care books, parenting advice books and household maintenance books not included), calculations performed by me

*** By me

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