Bejewell on May 7th, 2014

I don’t often do giveaways. In fact, I’ve only done one giveaway on this blog that I can remember, and that was like six years ago when I still had a Blackberry. I gave a $5 gift card to the first person who correctly identified the mysterious booger-like substance I found on my desk. (Correct answer for the curious: Lotion spooge.)

So clearly I’m not an expert in the giveaway department.

But when I met this amazing jewelry designer named Ryan Sadkin, I knew I had to do one. Because Ryan Sadkin, being not only an incredibly talented designer but also just an all-around super-hot and very nice chickster, gave me a gorgeous necklace from her collection, specifically for a giveaway.

And here it is:

Isn’t it just GORGEOUS? Of course it is. Don’t you just LOVE it? Of course you do. Wouldn’t it make the perfect Mother’s Day gift? Of course it would.

The only thing I can think of that *might* make a *better* Mother’s Day gift is a copy of my book, which you should already have, and if you don’t, shame on you and here is a link.

Anyway. Because this necklace is such a rad gift, I am totally giving one to myself this Mother’s Day. And I’m also giving one to YOU, if you win this little contest of mine.

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on this post, telling me something about moms. It can be anything. Tell a funny story. Write a silly poem. Just say “I love my mom” or “I miss my mom” or “Moms are the bombs” or “Word to yo mutha” or “Know who would love that necklace? MY MOM,” a la Muscle Man.


Whatever. I don’t care. Just say something.

You can also earn extra entries by:

  1. Liking my book’s Facebook page and letting me know here that you did.
  2. Sharing my book’s Facebook page and letting me know here that you did.
  3. Sharing this post or the book on Twitter with the hashtag #beejisawesome.
  4. Sending me a video of you twerking.
  5. Not suing me when I post that video on every social media channel I can think of.

You have until Sunday at noon. So get moving, y’all. Good luck, and happy accessorizing!

P.S. Can’t forget the fine print:

No purchase necessary. Contest ends at 12:00 pm Sunday, May 11. Contest open to legal residents of the U.S. and Canada who are at least 18 years of age at the time of entry. Entries without contact information will be disqualified. Entries that do not follow contest specifications will be disqualified. Entries that include this link will be disqualified.

Winner will be selected by on May 11 and the winner will be notified on the same day. Winner must respond with his/her mailing address or shipping information with 48 hours of notification, or another winner will be randomly chosen. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED.

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11 Responses to “Know Who’ll Love This Giveaway? Your Mom”

  1. Danielle Requa
    May 7th, 2014 at 9:59 pm

    My mom was a kind and good spirited woman. I have no clue how she raised 2 kids while being in a wheelchair and still able to keep a smile on her face most days. I miss her everyday but especially on Mother’s Day! I wish she could have met her grandson. ALL MOM’s ROCK! Because being a mom is hard but man is it worth it!

  2. I love those colors! What a great combination.

  3. I liked your book’s FB page – Jennifer Ann Hayden

  4. My mom is awesome! She always helps me so much. I wish thought that she would have told me how very, very hard being a mom is. I had no idea! It still is pretty amazing though.

  5. I love my Mom, but I’d keep the necklace for myself…! (mean, I know!) I liked your book’s facebook page too!!

  6. Like LL Cool J said: “Mama gonna knock you out”……if you don’t give her this necklace!

  7. I have your book am already a FB fan! And posted about it months ago!

  8. Once, when I was 14 and at the height of obnoxiousness, I smart-mouthed my mother so badly that she started throwing boxed goods at me. Strangely, this made me respect her more.

    Also, that is an awesome necklace.

  9. My mom is my hero :)

  10. I love my mom and this blog!!!

  11. Best book title ever! And I love my mama, but I would totally keep the necklace for myself :) !

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