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I really hate that my first post back is going to be political, because quite frankly I think talking politics on the Internet is a complete waste of time. No one ever wins. Everyone’s already made up their minds and no one’s actually LISTENING to anyone else – just talking over one another until it gets so loud and awful that everyone hates each other in the end.

Plus, I’m pretty clear on just how many shits other people give about my political opinion – and that number would be hovering right around zero.


I’ve seen this bullshit blog post shared on Facebook at least six times now, in some cases by people – WOMEN! – whom I know and love very much, and I simply CAN. NOT. abide this nonsense for one more fucking second.

So I’m about to waste my time and tell you exactly what I think about that.

Why I’m Voting for Donald Trump
I am a white female. A victim of sexual abuse. A Republican. A Christian.
And I am voting for Donald Trump. And I want to tell you why…

I find this post terrifying, because it’s written by a woman who clearly cares. She’s obviously put a lot of thought into this and taken time to express her opinions in a fairly well written post. And the women I know who have shared it are a lot like her. Most of them are middle class, working moms who would consider themselves Christian and patriotic and feel strongly about providing the best possible future to their kids.

But the thing is, if any one of them would just stop for a second and do ONE LICK of homework on any of these issues, they would see that it’s all just plain wrong. The future they envision will simply never be attained by voting for the Republican party – regardless of how slimy the candidate is.

These women are willingly ignoring the facts, buying into a bunch of propaganda from a party whose success depends on keeping them down, allowing it to scare the hell out of them with lies and manipulated half-truths, and choosing to vote against their own self interests.

I am absolutely baffled by this. And angry. And scared. Because, while I do think Donald Trump has pretty successfully assholed himself out of this election, I still think it matters that so many people – WOMEN, especially – are continuing to make these arguments – loudly and vehemently – that are so very clearly wrong.

It probably won’t change any minds, but just for giggles let’s unpack this particular post, shall we?

Hillary wants open borders…
Hillary wants to allow anyone and everyone into our country, regardless of the danger she could be putting her own people in…

First, Hillary has never suggested that we just throw all the doors open to our borders and let “anyone and everyone” in. She supports restrictions and vetting absolutely. She just thinks those restrictions should be a little more complex than a “No Muslims Allowed” clubhouse sign.

She also believes that it is fair and right to offer safe harbor to other human beings who are in desperate need of it, as well as a path to citizenship for families who have come to this country searching for a better life. She believes, as I do, that to turn refugees away categorically, or to separate millions of parents from their children, husbands from their wives, in some mass deportation scheme, goes against every value this country was founded upon.

Fun fact: We are a country of immigrants! Unless you’re a Native American, you came to be here because your ancestors did the exact same thing as the refugees and immigrants that you’re all so determined now to keep out. Our forebears ALL came here looking for sanctuary, freedom, opportunity – and they found it! Now we have a chance to pay that good fortune forward, to others whose very lives are in jeopardy – and the best we can give them is a smirk and a “sorry not sorry” as we slam the door in their faces?

For those of you who consider yourselves Christians, what exactly DO you think Jesus would do in this situation? Do you honestly believe that leaving these people hanging out to dry is WWJD? You don’t think maybe he’d find a way to give at least some of those weary, needy travelers a room or two at the inn?

Plus, that whole wall thing is just dumb. I mean, come on.

…taking guns out of the hands of Americans leaves us completely helpless…

Please, please, please stop with the whole “they want to take away all our guns” thing. Hillary does NOT advocate taking guns away from all Americans – NOR DOES THE DEMOCRATIC PLATFORM. I’m so tired of this argument I can’t even stand it. It’s simply not true.

Hillary supports reasonable regulation of arms to keep them out of the hands of those who cannot or will not handle them responsibly. You know, like those nutjobs who keep shooting up our schools and malls and offices and such? The ones murdering us and our children randomly? Yeah. Those guys.

After Sandy Hook, I simply cannot BELIEVE that a mother – any mother – could support the NRA-controlled Republican party on this issue. If you vote Republican, you are voting for ZERO regulation. Nothing, nada, zip, zilch, ZERO will be done to prevent the continued slaughter of innocent people in our country. How can you possibly be okay with this insane status quo?

And hey, Texas ladies – open carry? You don’t find these looney-tune dudes – men you do not know – roaming around Target legally showing off their tiny penises – oh, sorry, I meant semi-automatic weapons – terrifying? While you’re there shopping with your kid? You’re really okay with that?

Because I totally AM NOT.

Hillary has made lots of promises that sound great, but they all require MORE TAXES. And yes, a lot of them are on the wealthy, which sounds fair…but guess what? MOST of those wealthy people have gotten to where they are because they worked hard and used smart business practices. And also, those wealthy people are usually successful business people who EMPLOY other people. So by penalizing them, you are not helping anyone. You are taking more money out of the hands of American people and putting more money in the hands of the government.

So… economics. Yay.

The economic approach that Trump and the Republican party espouse is called “trickle down economics” – and it DOES NOT WORK. It creates a huge divide between classes, making the rich super rich and leaving the rest of us completely screwed. This has been proven time and time and time again. (For a recent example, just look at what conservative economics has done to Kansas!)

Recessions happen four times more frequently under Republican presidents than Democrats. The stock market performs better under a Democratic administration. And Democratic presidents add more jobs than Republicans – in the case of Obama vs. Bush, that would be MORE THAN TWICE as many. These are all measurable facts.

It might make rich Republicans feel better to build themselves up on the backs of the middle and lower classes, but it is absolutely NOT better for the country as a whole. Hillary’s plan would increase government revenues by $1.1 trillion over ten years, while Trump’s plan would actually lower revenues over the same time period by a staggering 9.6 TRILLION DOLLARS. Where on earth do you think that would leave us?

Now, look. I know you might not like it that someone who is poor and struggling might get some assistance from the government that your taxes paid for. (Personally, I think that’s kind of shitty of you, but whatever.) But just set that aside for a minute and do a little research. Look into the actual economic results of both Republican and Democratic presidencies. Hell, at the very least, educate yourself on how that tax revenue that you hate to give is actually spent in this country. National defense, Medicare and Medicaid, public education, law enforcement… these are all pretty important things that we’d be kind of screwed without, no? And guess what? None of that shit is free.

Please, when it comes to your economic arguments – DO YOUR HOMEWORK. Don’t just believe what the scary rich men tell you.

The ONLY people who would not suffer under a Trump economy are the super wealthy, top 1%. Are you one of them? No? Then when you vote Republican you are voting against your own economic interests!!

Whoever the next President is will likely nominate FIVE Supreme Court judges. FIVE…
It’s possible that America would NEVER recover from a 7-2 Democratic majority. We NEED to keep Republicans in the Supreme Court who will uphold the Constitution…

While it is true that the next president will likely nominate more than one Supreme Court justice, that number can’t actually be predicted because it depends on so many unpredictable factors. And I would certainly argue that our more liberal justices (justices aren’t classified as “Republican” or ”Democrat,” since they’re supposed to be, you know, NOT ruled by political parties) are just as dedicated to upholding the constitution as their more conservative counterparts – they simply disagree on the best way to go about that in our ever-changing, always advancing modern world.

Still, this is a big and very important part of this election, and should not be trivialized.

The list of nominees that Trump put forth (long before being elected, which was… weird) is a Republican’s wet dream, to be sure. Anti-abortion, anti-gay, anti-minority, anti-birth control, anti-everything, as far as I can tell. Except maybe corporations and guns.

But maybe you love that! Maybe you think it’s awesome to strip women of their access to health plans covering contraception. Maybe you love the idea of putting LGBT couples in jail for having sex. Or letting companies discriminate against particular customers or employees because they happen to be gay.

(Maybe you’re a total asshole, too, but hey, I don’t know you.)

So, you think these guys are all great. But what you really need to remember here is this: We are talking about Donald Trump. And just because he says these are the people he would nominate, that doesn’t mean he actually will. I mean, he said a whole bunch of times that he’d release his tax records, and I think we all know how that’s turned out.

So think about that, would ya?

Hillary can talk about other social issues all she wants, but her views on abortion show how little she values human life. Period.

Okay. The abortion thing. Let’s talk about that. Because there seems to be a tremendous amount of misinformation flying around out there, that a whole bunch of people are buying into.

Let’s first dispel the myth that Democrats just LOVE abortion. We don’t. Our ultimate goal is the exact same as the Republicans – no more abortions. We just disagree fundamentally on how this goal is best achieved. That’s it. To continue insisting that we do not value human life is a gross mischaracterization; a cartoonish simplification of a complicated position that is both unfair and untrue.

So stop saying it.

Republicans think outlawing abortion will actually end abortion. Criminalize the hell out of it and it’ll all just stop, they say. Democrats, on the other hand, think this approach is horribly short-sighted and suspect that, instead of stopping abortions, it will just make them incredibly unsafe for the thousands of desperate women who will find ways to have them anyway. We’re talking back alleys and coat hangers, people. We’re talking death or serious injury for thousands upon thousands of women – women who are your sisters, daughters, friends.

(And don’t tell me it wouldn’t happen – because it absolutely would, and we all know it. Didn’t you ever see Dirty Dancing?)

Instead of putting everyone in jail and forcing women to face terrible choices on their own with no medical options, Democrats believe it makes more sense to create an environment where unwanted pregnancies do not occur in the first place.

How do we accomplish this? Well, by giving women – all women, even the poor ones! – comprehensive EDUCATION, ready access to BIRTH CONTROL, and safe and effective HEALTH CARE.

We do not believe that simply telling people to just never have sex will work. We do not believe that restricting access to birth control will work. We do not believe that calling women babykillers or otherwise shaming them will work. And we certainly do not believe that physically forcing a woman to carry a baby to term that she does not want will work – on any level.

While I appreciate that you might believe that life begins at conception, I respectfully disagree. But the fact is, nobody actually knows the truth. And until we do, we should focus on the best, most productive ways to achieve our shared goal of no more abortions – instead of demonizing one another. And certainly we should stop the scorched earth approach to clinics like Planned Parenthood – which provides invaluable education and essential healthcare services to millions of women who have few, if any, other options – that Republicans seem to love so much.


Of course, this woman’s post never touched on the numerous other issues that are crazy important in this election – like the fact that global temperatures are proven to be rising and climate change is NOT a Chinese myth, or our country’s growing $1.1 trillion student loan debt, or the complete absence of any Republican plan to manage the healthcare crisis that would surely occur should the Affordable Care Act be repealed as promised.

She did, of course, throw out some totally unfounded accusations about Hillary and a rapist (please, for the love of Christ, look this up) and, a “cover-up” of Bill’s affairs (which I guess wasn’t too successful, since we’re all here talking about it, 30 years later)… But she never discussed the fact that Trump doesn’t pay taxes, or that time when he suggested that a Hispanic judge couldn’t do his job because of his race, or all the small business owners he fleeced when building his casino, or the African American families his company discriminated against during his slum lord days, or that time he went after the gold star mom who didn’t speak at the Democratic convention because she was overcome with grief for her lost son, or that phase he went through where he was calling reporters and pretending to be a fictional dude to somehow make himself look cool in the press (“That can’t possibly be true!” Oh, but it is, my friend, it is. “But that’s just… just…” I know, my friend, I KNOW), or how awful he is to beauty contestants and the disabled, or how super gross he gets when he talks about HIS OWN DAUGHTER (ick ick ick ick ick).

So I will let all of that go for now.

But what I CAN’T let go is the fact that there are people I know – WOMEN I KNOW, who are otherwise smart, successful, funny, interesting, and way, way better than this – who, for some reason, keep buying into all of this garbage, enough to repost this crap and talk about how worried they are for their children. I am shocked and disappointed – and I just can’t understand how this is so.

I’ve got news for you ladies: you are not the only ones who are worried. I, too, am worried. I’m worried for our future. I’m worried about the country my son will inherit. I worry for my friends and their children who are African American and can’t drive past a police car without being scared of getting shot. I worry for my Hispanic friends whose families might be torn apart. I worry for those who are poor and can’t feed their families despite working two jobs at minimum wage. I worry for those suffering from illness who desperately need universal healthcare to not fucking die. I worry for our country and our planet and our world.

And the most worrisome part to me is that people I know and care about – former classmates, co-workers, friends – people who should know better are complacent in all of this, and willing to let the worst happen… all because they’re either too lazy to find the facts for themselves, too greedy to let others share in the wealth, or too obstinate to change their minds.


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2 Responses to “Oh, for Fuck’s Sake”

  1. This elections has reduced me to screaming incoherently at the TV whenever Trump supporters are on. I cannot fathom how any one – male, female, white, person of color, immigrant, christian, non-christian – can support this man.

    One interviewer talked to an 18-year-old girl who said she supported Trump because he was going to take us back to the 1950s when things were good. For whom were they good, exactly? Not for women, not for gays, not for minorities, not for non-Christians. The only people the 1950s were good for were middle-aged white Christian men.

    Argh. I need to stop ranting now.

  2. Reading this post in the light of the election results, I can only wish that the blogosphere were as active as it was 5 years ago.
    Having said that, you guys are stuck with him. Let’s hope he somehow, against all odds, against what seems a foregone conclusion, can manage himself and the rest of the country without major disaster, for the next four years.

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