Bejewell on October 1st, 2008

It’s August in Austin. The summer before my junior year in high school. My best friend Queen Bee is at my house and we’re sunbathing in plastic folding lawn chairs set up behind my house. Again.

(I’d call it my backyard but there was no fence – just a tennis court on top of a hill that spanned about an acre, land with trees and brush where I’d convened countless treehouse club meetings with imaginary friends in earlier days. I was ALWAYS president.)

Queen Bee’s 1970s-era Ford Mustang is parked in the driveway, just behind my dark grey Dodge Colt – the one affectionately known as “Flo.” My mom’s boxy Nissan occupies the garage.

My beloved one-eyed cocker spaniel Amber sits in the shade of the porch, waiting patiently as Queen Bee and I squint at each other and gab about (what else?) boys and the upcoming school year while sipping Big Gulps of Dr. Pepper from the local Circle K. I’ve blown off a weekend drill team practice (again) to do nothing but this. Ms. Kepper, the hard-assed drill team instructor, will be pissed. I don’t give a shit.

The scent of the baby oil we’ve generously coated ourselves in to bake our skin blends nicely with the smell of sun-drenched blades of grass. My hot pink “boom box” serenades us from the porch. The local pop station K-98 churns out tunes from INXS, Phil Collins and the Bangles, and this song is next in rotation.

One of us says, “Oh, I LOVE this song!” and the other nods in agreement, then we go on with our conversation, laughing about some silly girl thing while the song provides the perfect background.

When school starts again, these days will be gone. The bikini will be packed away, drill team practice and Kepper will matter again. But for now, in this one moment, all that matters to me is hanging out with my best friend and achieving the perfect tan.

I can feel it. Can you?

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18 Responses to “Musical Flashback: Lessons in Love”

  1. Replace baby oil with Crisco, replace the lawn chairs with the roof and I’m right there with you! Skin cancer be damned – my BFF and I needed a tan!

    Miss Know It Alls last blog post..The Damn It Song

  2. Amazing how high school has such a distinct soundtrack. Every memory has a theme song. I wonder if I’ll look back on now with the same nostalgia… For the Wiggles and Dora? I think not!

    Kates last blog post..Six Things a Woman Should Know About Herself

  3. At out reunion a few weeks ago the dj spun tracks all from the years that we were in High School. Once the dance floor got going it was like homecoming all over again but with better hair and clothes…it really was fun to remember those days…

    KD @ A Bit Squirrellys last blog post..Blah Blah, COLD, blah, PROMOTION, Blah, ELECTION, Blah

  4. Oh yeah, this song takes me back. Change it to an actual backyard (read: fence) with a pool, no one skipping practice (cheerleading coach would have killed me and I worked too hard to lose that spot), Hawaiian Tropic lotion (I burn too easily) and more than one friend (when you have a pool, they tend to swarm. Also, I was the only one with 2 working parents, so we cool kids were unsupervised.) The music is actually coming from the stereo inside, with the windows open onto the deck. Also, there would be way more Prince (and Sheila E) in the mix.

    WaltzInExiles last blog post..Optimism

  5. ….and now I just feel old.

    WaltzInExiles last blog post..Optimism

  6. I feel old.

    And in dire need of a Dr. Pepper.

    And baby oil.

    And more music from the 80′s, with heavy doses of Depeche Mode and The Cure thrown in, as well as some Judas Priest because I was just that much of a freak.

    Audss last blog post..The Kind of Friend You Don’t Want Hanging Around

  7. You gave me a smile in the middle of my self indulgent, pms induced, very, very bad mood.

    Just Bs last blog post..Blog High School

  8. In my backyard, we’d throw open the garage windows and stack the stereo speakers my dad kept in there so the music poured out. Every half hour, we’d pull the bottle of Sun-In out from under the lawn chair and refresh the attempts for natural highlights. Summer felt like it would go on forever. Totally feel it.

    foradifferentkindofgirl (FADKOG)s last blog post..what’s wrong with this picture?

  9. i will be singing that song all day…

  10. awesome and so fun- and now i long for the carefree days of summer at the beach laying out and watching the surfers! *swoons*

    hey, thank you for your comment on my blog- it means a lot and i really appreciate it. thanks again

    jennsters last blog post..halloween is coming!

  11. I miss those days. Backyard by the pool, covered in baby oil, talking about boys. We would pull a speaker outside from the big stereo and put two mix tapes in the deck so that they would play one right after the other and just lay there and bake. Life was so easy then.

    What a great post.

    Jen @ blissfully caffeinateds last blog post..An Un-Bucket List

  12. Wow that takes me back. God, I hope my girls have something cooler to remember than Hannah Montana.

    all things BDs last blog post..Oh, I Left You Hanging!

  13. I can totally feel it! Please tell me this is Level 42. Please tell me it is! I haven’t checked yet, but I’d recognize it anywhere. I used to get a kiddie swimming pool and plop a chair down in the middle. I would use baby oil to enhance my tanning possibilities. Those were the days.

    This post just takes me back. If you could hear my voice now, it would be all whiney, wishing for just one more day in my OP two piece listening to America’s Top 40.

    BTW: I never missed drill team practice. I was lame, yo.

    jenboglass (steenky bee)s last blog post..I’m Real and Unspectacular

  14. It’s May and I’m up on the roof so no one can sneak up on me and my pale skinny body covered in baby oil. I’m getting a head start on the tanning and I’m freezing my ass off in PA. The speaker is leaning against the screen in my bedroom. The music is Boz Scaggs, baby. And 10 minutes feels like an hour because I am by myself and bored to death. By July, I am peeling thick sheets of skin off my nose. NOT a good look!

  15. I had to play it to be sure. The music started and wifey stopped whatever it was she was doing, got a far away look in her eyes, and then started shouting the lyrics. No, not singing, shouting. Never mind the children are trying to sleep…

    jenboglass- OP’s, how could I forget those?!

    Captain Dumbasss last blog post..Mommy, Your Job Sucks

  16. Add to that sitting next to the radio with a tape recorder so you can play the song whenever you want and getting mad when the DJ’s talk over the intro.

    Melanie @ MelADramatic Mommys last blog post..Breast Cancer Awareness: My Mammogram Vlog

  17. and i have blown off work to do nothing but this.

    txsjewelss last blog post..still not tomorrow yet…

  18. I am surprised at the rated “G” memory. What I remember is being bare assed naked on your roof wondering if we would be able to pick up any of the Top Gun fighter pilots with our red asses. Ahhh the smell of burning tar …

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