Bejewell on June 19th, 2008

So, Jessica over at blogspot’s Farm Fresh is holding this new blogfest called It’s Real Life.  It’s a glimpse into the daily life of a blogger extraordinaire.  The rules are, you take and post photos – SANS PREP – of the following items:

  • Your Fridge
    A closet
    Kitchen sink
    Favorite shoes
    Favorite room in your house
    What your kids are doing right now
    Self portrait

Here’s mine.  Some of it’s scary, some not so much. 

1.  Fridge


The outside is ever-changing but constants are the Bean’s baby announcement and letter-magnet-thingy, and my name plate from a former job (title:  “People Hater”).  Everything else kinds of rotates.

The inside is pretty typical, I guess.  Lots of takeout, Diet Coke, baby food jars, milk, condiments and the ever-present BEER.

2.  Closet

Yikes!  This is pretty bad.  But keep in mind, folks – I work full-time, have a one-year old, a husband who works about 60 hours a week and a hopeless blog addiction.  Closet time is limited.  Basically I throw on whatever I can find and NEVER hang anything up.

3.  Kitchen Sink

This is also pretty typical, right down to the cat.  (That’s Simon, by the way.  For more info on him see my About the Bean and Me page.)

4.  Toilet

Yikes again!  I had to get rid of the toilet seat cover because, well, it’s a long story but trust me, it’s better without.  I leave books in the bathroom because the toilet is right next to the tub and I like to read in the tub.  This is MY bathroom, Big Bean doesn’t use it unless he has to.  For that reason I don’t feel a lot of pressure to keep it neat or clean.  (I know you’re thinking to yourself, “No, Really? I never would have guessed!”) 

I’m especially proud of the pantyliner wrapper on the floor behind the toilet.  So classy.

5.  Laundry

Extremely unusual right now – ALL of the laundry is done!  Except for the linens on the beds and the clothes on our backs, nothing in this house needs to be cleaned at this particular moment.  Hooray!  But if there was laundry to be done, this is where I would do it.  The washer and dryer are in the garage, which is why the walls look so beat up.

(I don’t know why I felt the need to explain that, but I did.  I’m feeling a little vulnerable right now.)

6.  Favorite Shoes

The heels are mine.  They’re about 3 1/2 inches but totally comfortable, I think they’re Aerosoles and they can actually get me through an entire day at work without wanting to cry.  (Well, that’s not true exactly, I want to cry most days, it’s just the shoes that are the reason.) 

The Crocs belong to the Bean.  He wears them ALL the time and they go with just about everything.


7.  Favorite Room

My favorite room in the house is the living room.  We just painted it (again…  We paint a LOT) and I’m really liking the green until I get tired of it and decide to paint yet again.  The HD TV is awesome and the couch isn’t the most comfortable in the world but it fits so much better than our enormous last couch and it’s got a little tray that I thought was cheesy when we bought it but now I LOVE because it’s so handy.  Thank you, IKEA!


8. What your kids are doing right now

I started taking these pictures right after I put the Bean to bed.  I snuck into his room thinking I’d snap a picture of him sleeping, but this is what I got:

I left and came back a little while later, thinking surely he would asleep by now, but this is what I found:

(He did eventually fall asleep.  But it took a while.)

9.  Self Portrait

The lighting on this came out horribly wrong for some reason, but the more I look at it the more I like it.  Yes, I look old and a little haggard, but I love how mortified the Bean looks with his squished little face.  He’s so funny.

That’s my Day in the Life!

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14 Responses to “It’s Real Life: Scenes from a Working Mom’s Life”

  1. Wow, what I wouldn’t give to have my house as clean as yours right now! I know the blog fest is supposed to be sans prep, but it’s kinda like cleaning before you pay the housecleaner…got to be done. Thanks for the laugh today though…back to laundry. Amie

  2. Your house is so….what’s the word?…clean. How is that even possible? You should see my fridge! No, wait! No you shouldn’t!

    Your son is SUCH a doll baby! that smile in the crib is just too cute…how can you stop from smothering him in smooches?

  3. Awww! Wonderful tour!!! Your house looks very clean and tidy and I love your living area!

  4. i love that the cat made it in one of the pics and ALL the books shelved on the toilet…how appropriate!!!! :-)

  5. Great real life photos! I love the green colour in your living room, it’s terrific! And the cat on the sink is toooooo cute!!!

  6. People hater huh? I’ll have to hear more about that one!
    Cute shoes! And that baby–oh what a honey!

    Thanks so much for playing!

  7. Wow, I love the living room color. My husband would never allow it though.
    And how about the crocs, my son loves his, we actually had to fight/force him to wera tennis shoes when it got cool last winter. My 14 month old seems to like hers, but can’t quite keep them on.

  8. I had to laugh at the “panty liner wrapper”!!

  9. Yes, see? Your house is infinitely cleaner than mine. And by infinitely I mean…infinitely.

  10. Oohhh!!! Is it just me or do you think our closets look eerily similar???

    Love the self-portrait! The bean (and his crocs) are ADORABLE!

  11. Thanks for the visit. Love the color of your living room. I wish my bathroom was as neat as yours (sigh).

  12. Must have been one hell of a good painter.

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