Bejewell on July 6th, 2008

Of course, they’re really ALL awesome (or suck, depending on your perspective) (my perspective says awesome), but here are some of my favorites:

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3 Responses to “Posts That Don’t Suck”

  1. Hi Beej,
    Re: January 5th, 2009…I truly understand everything you say here because I have also lived it, 27 years ago. I can’t believe the time has flown like that!

    Every little change in my son was a death for me, some small and some bigger. On the bigger changes I had to mourn the death of that last thing and get ready for the next change to happen. At the same time I tried to enjoy all the changes. You explained it perfectly and touched part of me that could never tell another parent about these changes.

    I stumbled onto your blog and that was the first entry I read, so I will keeep reading. I’ve finally dabbed at all the tears, but I have bookmarked this day so I can reread it and share it with my son.

    My son’s name is David, he has been living with a girl for seven years, has a job he loves and that’s the best I can ask for all the tears I shed through the years!! (By the way, you will also adjust to the change that comes with him “living with” first and then maybe marrying. So, it’s all good practice for you to the upcoming adult changes too.)

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