So remember when I told you people to send me some rad shit to post on my blog, so I wouldn’t have to come up with anything on my own because I suck and I’m bored and otherwise occupied and also lazy?  Well, Sarah from In the Trenches of Mommyhood sent me a link to a [...]

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You think I’M quirky?  I’ve got NUTHIN on Steph from The Stephord Diaries.  She is THE original Quirky Blogger — it’s in her URL and everything so you know it’s true.  Steph claims to be some kind of super bad ass knitting Jedi. Not many people can pull that off, you know.  She also uses [...]

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Bejewell on August 26th, 2008

Once upon a time there lived a Fucking Awesome princess named Bejewell.  Bejewell lived in a mysterious but lovely land called the Land O’Blogs, where she was forced to sleep in a dungeon and slave away on brilliant blog posts while her two wicked stepsisters, Kristine from Mommy Needs Therapy and McMommy from The McMommy Chronicles, had [...]

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