The newest exclusive feature for Instagram video is IGTV. Sharing a long video with high quality is the goal of IGTV. To fulfill the Instagram user’s needs the social media are updated all the time, and you have noticed it if you are a social media and apps, the heavy user. This social media change happens because of the quickly real reforms of the environment of the digital and makes the people look for regularly new methods for sharing and consuming content. IGTV was recently launched by Instagram to stand out and to follow the trends more even in the market buy IGTV views to get more engagement.


The IGTV app can share long-form videos. IGTV is nothing but Instagram television. 

You will allow by the Instagram app to publish up to 60 seconds videos, up to one hour-long video that has the space on the new app. Mobility is one of the main focuses of Instagram TV according to its own platform definition. The ideal format to watch videos on mobile devices is a portrait and full-screen mode. Because videos created for smartphones, so they will be displayed in fullscreen and portrait angles. Intuitive use and simple are another priority. Videos from the accounts you follow will start broadcasting if you access the IGTV .there is no need to develop brands and people all over again. Get ready and watch more videos. Instagram IGTV does not allow you to upload videos after you record them like the video uploading for the Instagram stories. 


On June 20, 2018, IGTV released. You can access the IGTV via Instagram or its own app, and these are available both on ios and Android. But both are fully integrated being despite different apps. An Instagram account required for accessing the IGTV app.a dream up app, which especially developed for mobile devices, is called IGTV. It will start to play the video automatically as you click soon on IGTV. If you want to open it on the Instagram app click the IGTV icon on the apps’ home page upper right side corner. Everything will be on your screen; you do not need to waste searching for the video or content from the people who are all that you have already followed. The idea behind the IGTV feature is to transform the app into the actual TV app. And it will not be exclusive for famous Instagrammers or verified Instagram users because everyone can use IGTV for uploading videos with content. For sharing tye videos, all Instagram users can use this IGTV feature.