Instagram Reels Hashtags: How To Make The Most Out Of Them


Instagram launched bit-sized features in August 2021. It’s called “Instagram Reels.” Reels allows the users to showcase their talent on Instagram. If you want more audience engagement for your business, you can even use hashtags on your Reels. You have low engagement on your Instagram account, it would be best if you used a hashtag to increase your brand awareness because your Reel content can appear on the explore of the hashtag page, which means it grabs the audience’s attention, increasing the engagement rate. When your Reel video sticks on the explore page, your post will be watched more and reach many audiences. 

Here is a brief explanation about what type of hashtags you should use, how to find trending hashtags for your niche, and so on.

Why Should You Use Hashtags On Reels?

Hashtags help your content to be found quickly by more audience so that the Instagram algorithm considers getting it on the top of the page.They play a role equivalent to Google keywords and significantly increase reach and impressions. Influencers might not have to use too many hashtags but new users of reels with very few followers (less than 100 thousand) should use appropriate hashtags while posting to reels to get more views. If you are facing challenges in getting likes on reels, you can buy planyourgram Instagram Reels likes as an initial boost to  increase your visibility, engagement rate and grab  new audiences to your Instagram account.

Use Trending Hashtags

The audiences use hashtags that find content, and so you should use your content relatable hashtags to reach targeted audiences. It would be best if you used trending hashtags because, Usually, the content finds more people by quality hashtags than without quality hashtags which do not find the right audience. You can search trending hashtags on different types of categories and contents. 

Which Hashtags Are Best For Your Reels?

Here are tips to use best hashtags for your Reel related hashtags are:

  • What is your content about
  • What is your Instagram account about
  • What do your ideal customers or clients search on Instagram Reels
  • What is your product or brand

The above things about hashtags are best for you to reach a niche audience.

 For example,

  •  if your account is about fashion, use fashion-related hashtags.
  •  if you are sharing, Your reel video is about maintaining beauty tips so that those who want to keep the beauty in their life, they will search using beauty-related hashtags, and find your video to watch it.
  • if you are selling books, use hashtags that include the title of the books, the type of books like horror, comics,etc.


If you want more people to recognize your video, use hashtags on your Instagram Reels. Most of the audience wants to save their time, and so, they always see the reel content on the explore page. You can use the best hashtags that audiences enjoy to watch your video, put them on likes and comments on your Reel content.