DEVELOPER MARKETING ON TIKTOK is the original name of TikTok. And used by mostly teenagers for doing overtop karaoke for their favorite songs. The famous Chinese company ByteDance bought the popular social network app and then absorbed fully into it is the TikTok app as their own. They were creating their global level powerhouse of a TikTok app. You would have bite-size sheer creativity pieces once you open the Tiktok app. TikTok allows the creators to establish the duration of 15-second videos. Which you can combine be to make the videos longer, utilizing effects, utilizing different filters, utilizing editing tools, and more options are all within the TikTok app. It is not using for expressing your self, but it is not longer as a karaoke app. TikTok driven by community and creativity; it is a kind of app where young peoples can feel very comfortable to show their creativity uniquely. 


  1. Over 1 billion times, TikTok has downloaded, and TikTok has monthly active users above 500 million.
  2. In monthly new users, TikTok has seen a YoY growth with 275%
  3. An average of 52 minutes per day user spend on the app regularly
  4. 41 % of TikTok users are all age between 16-24

Many articles tell how to use the TikTok app, and most of the users are trying to buy TikTok likes to get famous. Ok, this the time for the good stuff. To think about how to utilize the TikTok for your service/ product/ and brands, let to know what other people are doing right now. GUESS launched its first fashion takeover on the famous TikTok app with its own campaign #InMyDenim, which encouraged its users on TikTok to flaunt their denim on GUESS in the manner with creativity. The unique campaign runs from Sept 1, 2018, to Sept 6 2018; during this frame time, TikTok users were directed to the challenge if they upon opening the TikTok app. For the hashtag #InMyDenim, there are 37.4 million views of the videos as of writing these articles. On the TikTok’s homepage, Google has sponsored the campaign by using the hashtag name #HeyGoogleHelp. Users were invited by the drive to utilize their Google Assistant by creating the videos. Whether through Google phone, Google Home product, Google Assistant app. The #HeyGoogleHelp hashtag has reached 156.7 million of videos. Google also uses influencers to spread the hashtag word. Some of the names are @mahoganylox, @Katjaglieson.