Instagram Stories are used by over five hundred million users each month, while businesses and brands create 1 third of the most viewed Instagram stories. You are missing out on a big deal if you are not using stories for your brands and business already.  Instagram stories can help you boost sales, interact with your fans, drive traffic to your website, and drive user engagement. Buy Instagram story views, and it is the best opportunity to gain more story views. The opportunities number are getting only bigger. It is not an accident that businesses and brands focus on the story content much more nowadays. 


  • Open your Instgaram application.
  • Click on the camera icon. It is located in the top left-hand side corner.
  • To take a picture, tap on the white color circle at the screen’s foot to record a video press and hold the white color circle. 
  • Tap on the square icon on the bottom left side or swipe up anywhere on the screen if you would like to post something from your mobile gallery.


  • Try and shoot your Instagram story content in vertical format. This is the way stories simply look better and fill the screen.
  • You will be able to change its size and rotate your content by pressing and pinching 2 fingers on the screen.
  • Your username will cover some portion of the story’s content once you upload your Instagram story.
  • You can play your Instagram story around with different story formats like the famous Live, Boomerang. Simply swipe the left side to the right side at the screens’ food before taping on the white circle to select the format.
  • Currently, the formats of the Instagram story include hands-free, superzoom, layout, boomerang, create and live. 
  • To  check who viewed your Instagram story, follow the below steps:
  • Access your Instagram story by clicking on your profile image in the top left-hand side corner, and you can do it from your profile page or your home page.
  • You will see how many people viewed your Instagram story in the bottom left-hand side corner. To see their username, swipe up.
  • For only the first twenty-four hours, you can see the list of viewers. After that, you will only be able to check the count of views. That includes the highlighted stories.
  • Sometimes you may feel like the users you follow on Instagram post many stories.  If you feel like that, you can mute their Instgaram story posts without unfollowing them by selecting the “mute” option. You can also use this option to mute the regular posts also.


Adding hashtags to your story may significantly grow your reach. Since people who do not follow you on Instagram will get a higher chance to discover you via explore page or hashtags browser. By using two methods, you can use a hashtag for your Instagram story, and they are: by using simple text and hashtag stickers. Your hashtag may look different based on the method you use, but they work just as the same.